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When was the last time you thougtht about your feet in the past year, Once? Twice?

Or maybe, when they actually hurt you, so you start to realise that they probably need a bit of TLC?

Talk to most Podiatrist in the world and  not just the UK, and we will all say, that the majority of our clientele are 'Women over 50', with 'Men' way down the line for treatments, with children coming in at third place!

If your ever having difficulty in finding a present for an elderly relative or close friend,choosing a ' Chiropody/Podiatry Voucher' costing £46.00 for 1 hour,  will make you are very popular person!

For this 'Voucher' the prospective patient will receive the following:-

1. A 'Mini Bio-mechanic Assessment.' 

2. Advise why there might be pain in the foot, hips, lower back, or knee.

3. Advise on, if an 'Orthotic' would be advisable for their condition.

4. Inspection on skin discolourations,or prospective 'ulcerations' that might become an issue.

5. Full medical history

6. Photo graphics of your feet, to aid in diagnosis, and future treatments if required.

7. Cutting of the nails  ( with advise about suspected fungus within the nail bed)

8. Removal of Callous (hard skin which is friction from shoes and weight bearing)

9. Enucleation of all corns, which are causing discomfort.

10. Finally  a respective cream is applied accordingly  (depending on the skin requirements of the foot, whereby they might be dry, scaly or very porous)

The above treatment takes approximately 1 hour in total, (conducted in a sterile up-to-date surgery) but as you can see, it is an inclusive examination and treatment, which I am sure your Relatives/Friends will be extremely happy with.

You can pay for service vouchers either by Cheque/Cash or Electronically.

Please contact me for information at

 01284 753563

or click here

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Chiropody and Podiatry, was something that I aspired to in my career.

Qualifying from the  " Institute of Chiropodist & Podiatrist" in London in 1996, this has given me over 23 years experience, which still inspires me.

During this time, I have worked solely myself, building up the 'Domicillary Practice' which I did for about 5 years, driving around the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, treating people, who were unable to visit a surgery.

In 2000, I was able to obtain a well-known practice in the town centre, where the chiropodist was retiring.

This was an exciting time for me to build a new surgery within Lloyds Chemist Bury St Edmunds.

Sadly, Lloyds Chemist, 5 years later, were selling the shop and moving to smaller premises, which could not accommodate my expanding Podiatry Clinic!

 Wanting to base my business within a more professional environment, like a Doctors Surgery, I often found it difficult to convince Practice Managers, that the NHS and Private Practitioners could harmoniously work side by side.

Later at Mount Farm Surgery, I was able to demonstrate the advantage of how 'Podiatry' Service could take some of the workload off the GP's.

Later I received the go-ahead to open up my Podiatry Surgery, at Mount Farm Surgery, which is the one you see on my web site 'Home Page'

Its been 12 years now, since moving the practice to Mount Farm Surgery, and it has been the best professional decision of my life!

It allows me to work with a 'Professional Team' of medical practioners, who are there if I need them, when feet health is more than podiatry service. I am not  alone within the profession.

There is always someone to call upon, if I feel there is a need to 'Refer' to another specialist, like a Dermalogist, Orthopaedic Consult, Doctor to name but a few.

I believe it is a good 'Safety Net' for my patients knowing that I have access to all the above facilities if required!

The brief 'Resume' above, has given insight into my professional career, giving assurance your appointment will have professional and confidential service.

Thank you for browsing through my website, I will see you at my surgery soon.

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